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  (Alabama)  Severance, Ben H.  PORTRAITS OF CONFLICT:  A PHOTOGRAPHIC HISTORY OF ALABAMA IN THE CIVIL WAR.  Fayetteville:  2012.  1st ed., 500p., illus.   
Price: $65.00

Over 230 photographs of soldiers and civilians from Alabama, many never seen before, are accompanied by their personal stories and woven into the larger narrative of the war both on the battlefield and the home front.  This volume, the tenth in the series, contains the same quality of photography and storytelling that has attracted Civil War enthusiasts since the first volume was published in 1987, a welcome addition to the series Civil War History,called “a sensibly priced, beautifully produced photographic history.” 

Signed bookplate; as new; d.j.

  Ballard, Michael B.  GRANT AT VICKSBURG:  THE GENERAL AND THE SIEGE.  Carbondale and Edwardsville:  (2013).  1st ed., 196p., illus., maps. 
Price: $32.95

The 47-day siege of Vicksburg orchestrated by Ulysses S. Grant resulted in the eventual surrender of the city and fulfilled a major strategic goal for the Union: command of the Mississippi River for the remainder of the war. In this revealing volume, Michael B. Ballard offers the first in-depth exploration of Grant’s thoughts and actions during this critical operation, providing a never-before-seen portrait of the general in the midst of one of his most notable achievements. 

“No one knows more about the titanic struggle for Vicksburg than Ballard…Perceptive, balanced, and thoroughly researched, this is a model ‘campaign biography’ ”.  --- William L. Shea. 

Signed bookplate; as new; d.j.

  Barry, Peter J. GENERAL JAMES W. SINGLETON: LINCOLN’S MYSTERIOUS COPPERHEAD ALLY.  (Mahomet, IL:  2011).  1st ed., 268p., illus. 
Price: $26.95

“Singleton was well-known nationally as a wealthy Illinois Democratic politician --- Southern born and Douglas supporter.  Despite being a member of the Sons of Liberty and the Copperheads, Lincoln, an old friend, allowed Singleton to visit Richmond, consult with Confederate officials and speculate in cotton and tobacco with Union greenbacks!  Fascinating …deserves a prominent place in the history of national politics, Illinois and Lincolniana.” --- Wayne C. Temple. 

Signed as new; d.j.

  Burt, John.  LINCOLN’S TRAGIC PRAGMATISM:  LINCOLN, DOUGLAS, AND MORAL CONFLICT.  Cambridge:  2013.  1st ed., 814p. 
Price: $39.95

In 1858, Lincoln debated Douglas seven times in the race for a U.S. Senate seat from Illinois. John Burt contends that the very legitimacy of democratic governance was on the line. Can a liberal political system be used to mediate moral disputes? And if it cannot, is violence inevitable?  As they campaigned against each other, both Lincoln and Douglas struggled with how to behave when an ethical conflict as profound as the one over slavery strained the commitment upon which democracy depends—namely, to rule by both consent and principle. 

While Lincoln ultimately avoided a politics of morality detached from consent, and Douglas avoided a politics of expediency devoid of morality, neither found a way for liberalism to mediate the conflict of slavery.  That some disputes seemed to lie beyond the horizon of deal-making and persuasion and could be settled only by violence revealed democracy’s limitations. Burt argues that the unresolvable ironies at the center of liberal politics led Lincoln to discover liberalism’s tragic dimension—and ultimately led to war. Burt’s conclusions demand reevaluations of Lincoln and Douglas, the Civil War, and democracy itself. 

“This is the most profound exploration of the enduring significance of Lincoln’s rhetoric since Harry Jaffa’s classic of 1959.  A magnificent achievement.” --- Daniel Walker Howe.  Signed bookplate; as new; d.j

  Cobb, J. Michael; Hicks, Edward B.; and Holt, Wythe.  BATTLE OF BIG BETHEL:  CRUCIAL CLASH IN EARLY CIVIL WAR VIRGINIA.  El Dorado Hills & New York:  (2012).  1st ed., 240p., illus., maps.  
Price: $27.95

This is the first full-length treatment of the small but consequential battle in 1861 that reshaped perceptions about the future of the war.  “A terrific book…with excellent writing and remarkable research, the narrative evokes the scene at the beginning of the war in a very convincing way. Complete with powerful battle scenes, the authors do a wonderful job of describing the motivations and mindsets of both the U.S. and Confederate soldiers at the outset of the conflict.” --- Edward L. Ayres. 

Signed; as new; d.j.

Due in March 2013.

  Cook, Robert J.; Barney, William L.; and Varon, Elizabeth R.  SECESSION WINTER:  WHEN THE UNION FELL APART.  Baltimore:  (2013).  1st ed., 119p. 
Price: $40.00

In the winter of 1860–61 Americans did not know for certain that civil war was upon them.  Politicians and leaders on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line struggled to formulate coherent responses to the secession of the deep South. Three historians take approaches to this period that combine political, economic, and social lines of analysis. Rather than focus on whether war was inevitable, they explore the political process of secession and the robust debates that preceeded the attack on Ft. Sumter and the secession of the upper South. 

Signed plate by author of our choice; as new.

  DeRose, Chris.  CONGRESSMAN LINCOLN.  New York:  (2013).   1st ed., 335p.  

Price: $26.00

A “gifted young historian” (Richard Norton Smith), delivers the first fully realized portrait of Abraham Lincoln’s ambitious and controversial early political career, and his surprising ascendancy. 

In 1847, Abraham Lincoln arrived in Washington in near anonymity.  After years of outmaneuvering political adversaries and leveraging friendships, he emerged as the winner of a seat in the House of Representatives. Yet following a divisive single term, the anti-war Whig would return to Illinois with a damaged reputation and no path forward in politics. Defeated and unpopular, Lincoln now seemed worse off politically than when his journey began.  But what actually transpired between 1847 and 1849 revealed a man married to his political, moral, and ethical ideals. These were the defining years of a future president and the prelude to his role as the center of the Civil War.  DeRose shows us a master strategist, a politician torn between principle and viability, and a man saddled with a tormented private life. 

Joining Us On Virtual Book Signing on July 16, 2013. Learn more and Order your copy here.

  Finck, James W.  DIVIDED LOYALTIES: KENTUCKY’S STRUGGLE FOR ARMED NEUTRALITY.  El Dorado Hills and New York:  (2012).  1st ed., 216p., illus., maps. 
Price: $26.95

In May, 1861, the Kentucky state legislature passed an ordinance declaring its neutrality.  This declaration and ultimate support for the Union stood at odds with the state’s social and cultural heritage, for Kentucky was a slave state and enjoyed deep and meaningful connections to the new Confederacy. Much of what has been written to explain this curious choice concludes Kentucky harbored strong Unionist feelings.  Finck’s freshly written and deeply researched new book shatters this conclusion in an in-depth study of the 12 months that decided Kentucky’s fate (November 1860 – November 1861), persuasively arguing that it was Kentucky’s equally divided loyalties that brought about its decision to remain neutral. 

Signed; as new; d.j.


  Gerteis, Louis S. THE CIVIL WAR IN MISSOURI: A MILITARY HISTORY. Columbia and London: (2012). 1st ed., 237p., illus., maps.
Price: $29.95

"Demonstrates that conventional armies largely determined developments in the state, forming the anchor of Union control in the trans-Mississippi theater." --James M. McPherson. "Gerteis knows Missouri history in the Civil War better than anyone else. This book should bring about an important reconsideration of Missouri's place in Civil War history. That reconsideration will affect our view not only of the state's history but of the nature of the whole Civil War." --Mark Neely.

Signed bookplate; as new; d.j.

  Gottfried, Bradley M.  THE MAPS OF ANTIETAM:  AN ATLAS OF THE ANTIETAM (SHARPSBURG) CAMPAIGN, INCLUDING THE BATTLE OF SOUTH MOUNTAIN, SEPTEMBER 2 - 20, 1862.   El Dorado Hills and New York:  (2012).  1st ed., 360p., illus., maps.  
Price: $39.95

The fourth installment in the acclaimed Savas-Beatie Military Atlas Series breaks down the entire campaign into 21 map sets or “action-sections” enriched with 124 original full-page color maps. These spectacular cartographic creations bore down to the regimental and battery level.  Includes the march into Maryland, the Harpers Ferry operation, the Battle of South Mountain (Fox’s Gap, Turner’s Gap, and Crampton’s Gap), operations in Pleasant Valley, the Confederate withdrawal to Sharpsburg, the Battle of Antietam, the retreat across the Potomac River, and the sharp fighting at Shepherdstown.  “The Maps of Antietam provides the easiest understanding of the battle I’ve ever seen. It is the next-best-thing to being there!" --- Ted Alexander, Chief Historian, Antietam National Battlefield.  The first three volumes, covering First Bull Run, Gettysburg, and Chickamauga, are all also available. 

Signed; as new; d.j

  Groom, Winston. SHILOH 1862. (Washington: 2012). 1st ed., 446p., illus., maps.
Price: $30.00

In this gripping telling of the first "great and terrible" battle of the conflict, and with a novelist's eye for storytelling and a historian's passion for detail, context, and meaning, the author of Forrest Gump ("unquestionably heir to the late Shelby Foote" --- Minneapolis Star Tribune) brings the key characters and moments to life.

Signed bookplate; as new; d.j.

  Hess, Earl J.  KENNESAW MOUNTAIN:  SHERMAN, JOHNSTON, AND THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN.  Chapel Hill:  (2013).  1st ed., 322p., illus., maps. 
Price: $35.00

While fighting his way toward Atlanta, William T. Sherman encountered his biggest roadblock at Kennesaw Mountain, where Joseph E. Johnston's Army of Tennessee held a heavily fortified position.  Earl J. Hess explains how this battle, with its combination of maneuver and combat, severely tried the patience and endurance of the common soldier and why Johnston's strategy might have been the Confederates' best chance to halt the Federal drive toward Atlanta. 

"The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain is one of the most important as yet unexamined subjects…this will be the definitive account of the battle."--Steven E. Woodworth.  Signed bookplate; as new; d.j.

  Hewitt, Lawrence Lee; Bergeron, Arthur W., Jr.; and Schott, Thomas E., eds.  CONFEDERATE GENERALS IN THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI.  VOLUME 1:  ESSAYS ON AMERICA’S CIVIL WAR.  Knoxville:  (2013).  1st ed., 400p., illus., maps. 
Price: $54.95

Scholarship in recent decades has shown that the events west of the Mississippi River proved integral to the outcome of the Civil War. This welcome volume features cutting-edge analyses of eight Southern generals in this most neglected theater— among them Thomas Hindman, Edmund Kirby Smith, and Joseph Orville Shelby—providing an enlightening new perspective on the Confederate high command.  With its virtually nonexistent infrastructure, wildly unpredictable weather, and few opportunities for scavenging, the Trans-Mississippi proved a challenge for commanders on both sides of the conflict. As the contributors to this volume demonstrate, only the most creative minds could operate successfully in such an unforgiving environment.  Clearly demonstrating the independence of the Trans-Mississippi and the nuances of the struggle there, while placing both the generals and the theater in the wider scope of the war, these essays offer valuable new insight into Confederate military leadership and the ever-vexing questions of how and why the South lost the war.  S

igned plate by contributor of our choice; as new; d.j.

  Holzer, Harold, and Gabbard, Sara Vaughn, eds.  1863:  LINCOLN’S PIVOTAL YEAR.  Carbondale and Edwardsville:  (2013).  1st ed., 198p., illus. 
Price: $32.95

 “An outstanding collection of ten essays on a critical year in American history. The distinguished authors focus on well-known aspects of 1863, including the Emancipation Proclamation and party politics, as well as less familiar topics such as the importance of Civil War photography and the changing image of the president. In every case there are new things to say as the authors combine impressive analysis with clear readable prose.” --- Jean H. Baker.  “This volume combines the best of recent Lincoln scholarship in a unique and engaging format [and] reveals new dimensions of Lincoln’s presidency.” --- Brian R. Dirck. 

Signed plate by contributor of our choice, including Orville Vernon Burton, Catherine Clinton, William C. Davis, and Craig L. Symonds. 

As new; d.j.

  Holzer, Harold, and The New-York Historical Society.  THE CIVIL WAR IN 50 OBJECTS.  (New York:  2013).  1st ed., 380p., illus. 
Price: $36.00

From a soldier’s diary with the pencil still attached to John Brown’s pike, from the Emancipation Proclamation to the leaves from Abraham Lincoln’s bier, here is a unique and surprisingly intimate look at the Civil War.  Lincolnian Harold Holzer sheds new light on the war by examining fifty objects from the New York Historical Society’s acclaimed collection. A daguerreotype of an elderly, dignified ex-slave; a soldier’s footlocker still packed with its contents; Grant’s handwritten terms of surrender at Appomattox—the stories these objects tell are rich, poignant, sometimes painful, and always fascinating. They illuminate the conflict from all perspectives—Union and Confederate, military and civilian, black and white, male and female—and give readers a deeply human sense of the war. 

A fresh, visual perspective on the Civil War.  Introduction by Eric Foner. 

Signed bookplate; as new; d.j.

  Hopkins, Donald A.  ROBERT E. LEE IN WAR AND PEACE:  PHOTOGRAPHS OF A CONFEDERATE AND AMERICAN ICON.  El Dorado Hills & New York:  (2012).  1st ed., 288p., illus. 
Price: $34.95

The detailed text accompanying every known Lee image (61 extant) provides a sweeping history of his life and a compelling discussion of antique photography, with biographical sketches of all of Lee’s known photographers, in the first serious study of Lee’s photographs in almost seven decades.  Hopkins offers a substantial amount of previously unknown information about these images, how each came to be, and the mistakes in fact and attribution in describing photographs of Lee, many previously unpublished.  In addition, Hopkins offers—for the first time—definitive and conclusive attribution of the identity of the photographer of the Lee “in the field” images, and reproduces a startling imperial-size photograph made by Alexander Gardner. 

Due in March 2013.

Signed; as new; d.j.

  Huntington, Tom.  SEARCHING FOR GEORGE GORDON MEADE:  THE FORGOTTEN VICTOR AT GETTYSBURG.  (Mechanicsburg:  2013).  1st ed., 406p., illus., maps. 
Price: $32.95

"Despite his great victory at Gettysburg and command of the army that forced Lee's surrender, George Meade saw his fame eclipsed by that of Lee, Grant, and other generals. This book does a great deal to redress that historical injustice. Huntington has invented a new genre of biography that shifts between past and present as he tells the story of Meade's life and describes his own pilgrimage to the key sites of that life. The result is an engrossing narrative that the reader can scarcely put down." --James M. McPherson.  “Unique and irresistible: a combination life story, military history, travelogue, and cultural commentary that brings us closer than ever to the old general and his strange reputation--and also opens new windows to our own unending search for an understandable national identity." --Harold Holzer. 

Signed bookplate; as new; d.j.


  Kelly, Joseph.  AMERICA’S LONGEST SIEGE:  CHARLESTON, SLAVERY, AND THE SLOW MARCH TOWARD CIVIL WAR.  (New York:  2013).  1st ed., 368p., illus. 
Price: $27.95

In 1863, Union forces surrounded Charleston, besieging the city for nearly two years.  But for almost two centuries prior, a singular ideology, forged among the headstrong citizens of Charleston, had laid a different sort of siege to the entire American South--the promulgation of brutal, deplorable, and immensely profitable institution of slavery.  Joseph Kelly examines the nation’s long struggle with its "peculiar institution" through the hotly contested debates in the city at the center of the slave trade.

From the earliest slave rebellions to the Nullification crisis to the final, tragic act of secession that doomed both the city and the South, Kelly captures the toxic mix of nationalism, paternalism, and unprecedented wealth that made Charleston the focus of the nationwide debate over slavery.

Signed plate; as new; d.j.

   Lekowitz, Arthur S.  BENEDICT ARNOLD IN THE COMPANY OF HEROES.  El Dorado Hills & New York:  (2012).  1st ed., 312p., illus., maps. 

Price: $29.95

 “No one understands the Revolutionary War, the Continental army, or Benedict Arnold’s service on behalf of the American Revolution better than Arthur Lefkowitz…[who] examines the officers who served under Arnold in the horrendously difficult expedition to Quebec in 1775, and he demonstrates that what they learned from him made them superior commanders later in the war. This fine, well-paced, and delightfully written book is packed with information that will delight readers who are looking for something new about the War of Independence.” --- John Ferling. 

Signed; as new; d.j.



Price: $27.50

On May 2, 1863, “Stonewall” Jackson led his Second Corps around the unsuspecting Army of the Potomac on one of the most daring flank marches in history. His surprise attack collapsed a Union corps in one of the most stunning accomplishments of the war. Flushed with victory, Jackson decided to continue attacking into the night. He and members of his staff rode beyond the lines to scout the ground while his units reorganized. However, Southern soldiers mistook the riders for Union cavalry and opened fire, mortally wounding Jackson at the apogee of his military career. Who delivered the fatal volley? What medical treatment did he receive? Did Jackson really utter his famous last words, “Let us cross over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees?” What was the cause of his death?  In the first full-length study of Jackson’s final days, Lively re-examines the gripping story, and how Southerners came to view Jackson’s death during and after the war. 

Signed; as new; d.j.

  Mackowski, Chris, and White, Christopher D.  CHANCELLORSVILLE’S FORGOTTEN FRONT: FREDERICKSBURG AND SALEM CHURCH, MAY 3, 1863.  El Dorado Hills & New York:  (2013).  1st ed., 312p., illus., maps. 
Price: 32.95

The Stone Wall at Marye’s Heights above Fredericksburg loomed large over the Army of the Potomac, haunting its men with memories of slaughter from their crushing defeat there in December, 1862. They would assault it again with a very different result the following May when Joseph Hooker, bogged down with the Army of Northern Virginia around the Chancellorsville crossroads, ordered John Sedgwick’s 6th Corps to assault the heights and move to his assistance. This time the Yankees wrested the wall from the Rebels, and drove into their rear, but stalled in heavy fighting at Salem Church.  The authors have long appreciated the pivotal roles Second Fredericksburg and Salem Church played in the campaign, and just how close the Confederates came to grief, and the Union to stunning success. 

The first book-length study of what are usually footnotes to “Stonewall” Jackson’s attack and death, and the roles they played in the Southern victory. 

Signed; as new; d.j.



Price: $22.99

Throughout his life, Lincoln fought with God. In his early years in Illinois, he rejected even the existence of God. In time, this changed but still he wrestled with the truth of the Bible, preachers, doctrines, the will and providence of God, and then, finally, God’s purposes in the Civil War. Still, on the day he was shot, Lincoln said he longed to go to Jerusalem to walk in the Savior’s steps.  What had happened? What was the journey that took Abraham Lincoln from “infidel” to a man who yearned to walk in the footsteps of Christ?  In this thrilling journey through a largely unknown part of  history, Stephen Mansfield tells the richly textured story of Abraham Lincoln’s spiritual life and draws from it a meaning sure to inspire Americans today. 

Signed plate; as new; d.j.

  Meacham, Jon.  THOMAS JEFFERSON:  THE ART OF POWER.  New York:  (2012).  1st ed., 759p., illus., illus. eps. 
Price: $35.00

 “A true triumph…We think of Jefferson as the embodiment of noble ideals, but Meacham shows that he was a practical politician more than a moral theorist.  The result is a fascinating look at how Jefferson wielded his driving desire for power and control.” --- Walter Isaacson.  “This is probably the best single-volume biography of Jefferson ever written.” --- Gordon S. Wood.  If you don’t have this already, get it now! 

Signed plate; as new; d.j.

  Mingus, Scott L.  CONFEDERATE GENERAL WILLIAM “EXTRA BILLY” SMITH:  FROM VIRGINIA’S STATEHOUSE TO GETTYSBURG SCAPEGOAT.  El Doroado Hills & New York:  (2012).  1st ed., 336p., illus., maps. 

Price: $29.95

William Smith was one of the oldest and most controversial generals in the Confederate Army.  In a full, varied career, Smith was a gold rush lawyer, served Virginia as Governor and in the Congress of both the United and Confederate States, and was one of the state’s leading spokesmen for slavery and States’ Rights.  Despite his advanced age, Smith fought well at First Bull Run, was wounded at both Seven Pines and Antietam, and marched with Lee into Pennsylvania. There, on the first day at Gettysburg, Smith’s frantic messages about a possible Union flanking attack remain a matter of controversy to this day.  Based on a wide array of primary sources, this is the first full life of one of the most colorful and charismatic characters of the Civil War and the antebellum South. 

Signed; as new; d.j. 

  Patrick, Jeffrey L. CAMPAIGN FOR WILSONíS CREEK: THE FIGHT FOR MISSOURI BEGINS. Buffalo Gap, TX: (2011). 1st ed., 224p., illus., maps.

Price: $24.95

The Park Service librarian at Wilson's Creek Battlefield tells the fascinating story of the first major campaign of the Civil War west of the Mississippi, which guaranteed that Missouri would be engaged in a long, cruel war within the larger national struggle.

A "Civil War Campaigns and Commanders" title; most from that series also available, many signed or with bookplates.

Pb.; signed plate; as new.

  Petruzzi, David J., and Stanley, Steven.  THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN IN NUMBERS AND LOSSES:  SYNOPSES, ORDERS OF BATTLE, STRENGTHS, CASUALTIES, AND MAPS, JUNE 9 – JULY 14, 1863.  El Dorado Hills and New York:  (2012).  1st ed., 192p., illus., maps.

Price: $32.95

A full-color, master work decades in the making:  comprehensive orders of battle for more than three dozen engagements both large and small waged during the five weeks of the Gettysburg Campaign.  Each presentation includes a synopsis of the engagement, an original full page map of the fighting, an order of battle with numbers and losses, charts and graphs of relative strengths and losses, how the fighting affected the course of the campaign, and a suggested reading list.  The authors use a staggering array of primary resources to compile the text and craft the original maps, including the O.R., letters, and diaries, newspapers, regimental histories, reminiscences, muster rolls, and other published and unpublished sources.   A stunning, original, and essential reference. 

Due in March 2013.

Signed; as new; d.j

  Philbrick, Nathaniel.  BUNKER HILL:  A CITY, A SIEGE, A REVOLUTION.  (New York:  2013).  1st ed., 400p., illus., maps. 
Price: $29.95

Boston in June, 1775, is an island city occupied by British troops.  With the city cut off from supplies by a British blockade and Patriot militia poised in siege, the resulting Battle of Bunker Hill would be the bloodiest battle of the Revolution to come, and the point of no return for the rebellious colonists.  Philbrick brings a fresh perspective to every aspect of the story. He finds new characters, and new facets to familiar ones.  A physician named Joseph Warren who emerges as the on-the-ground leader of the Patriot cause and is fated to die at Bunker Hill. Others in the cast include Paul Revere, Warren’s fiancé the poet Mercy Scollay, a newly recruited George Washington, the reluctant British combatant General Thomas Gage and his more bellicose successor William Howe, who leads the three charges at Bunker Hill and presides over the claustrophobic cauldron of a city under siege.  A mesmerizing narrative of the robust and messy origins of America.  Signed plate; as new; d.j.              

  Reardon, Carol, and Vossler, Tom.  A FIELD GUIDE TO GETTYSBURG:  EXPERIENCING THE BATTLEFIELD THROUGH ITS HISTORY, PLACES, AND PEOPLE.  Chapel Hill:  (2013).  1st ed., 384p. illus., maps.   

Price: $22.00

In this lively guide, Reardon and Vossler invite readers to participate in a tour of this hallowed ground. Ideal for carrying on trips through the park as well as for the armchair historian, this book includes comprehensive maps and deft descriptions of the action that situate visitors in time and place. Crisp narratives introduce key figures and events, and eye-opening vignettes help readers more fully comprehend the import of what happened and why, and present interesting interpretations that have shaped--or reshaped--our understanding of Gettysburg today. 

Paperback; signed bookplate; as new.             

  Smith, Timothy B.  RETHINKING SHILOH:  MYTH AND MEMORY.  Knoxville:  (2013).  1st ed., 197p., illus., maps.   

Price: $38.95

Grant once remarked that the Battle of Shiloh “has been perhaps less understood, or, to state the case more accurately, more persistently misunderstood, than any other engagement . . . during the entire rebellion.” 

Smith seeks to rectify these persistent myths and misunderstandings, arguing that some of Shiloh’s story is either not fully examined or has been the result of a limited and narrow collective memory established decades ago. These nine essays uncover new details about the battle, correct some of the myths surrounding it, and reveal new avenues of exploration. Topics range from a compelling analysis and description of the last hours of Albert Sidney Johnston to the effect of the New Deal on Shiloh National Military Park and, subsequently, our understanding of the battle. Smith’s careful analyses and research bring attention to the many relatively unexplored parts of Shiloh such as the terrain, the actual route of Lew Wallace’s march, and post-battle developments that affect currently held perceptions of this famed clash in West Tennessee. 

Signed bookplate; as new; d.j.     

  Stashower, Daniel.  THE HOUR OF PERIL:  THE SECRET PLOT TO MURDER LINCOLN BEFORE THE CIVIL WAR.  New York:  (2013).  2nd ed.,  354p., illus., map eps. 


In February 1861, Abraham Lincoln faced a “clear and fully-matured” threat of assassination as he traveled by train from Springfield to Washington for his inauguration. Over a period of thirteen days, detective Allan Pinkerton worked feverishly to detect and thwart the plot; as Lincoln’s train rolled inexorably toward “the seat of danger,” Pinkerton struggled to unravel the ever-changing details of the murder plot, even as he contended with the intractability of Lincoln and his advisors, who refused to believe that the danger was real. With time running out Pinkerton took a desperate gamble, staking Lincoln’s life—and the future of the nation—on a “perilous feint” that seemed to offer the only chance that Lincoln would survive to become president.  “Reads like a first-class detective novel . . . Pinkerton's tireless energy prevented a tragedy that might have destroyed the republic.” —James M. McPherson. 

Signed plate; as new; d.j. 

  Steers, Edward, Jr.  HOAX:  HITLER DIARIES, LINCOLN’S ASSASSINS, AND OTHER FAMOUS FRAUDS.  (Lexington: 2013).  1st ed., 234p., illus. 

Price: $24.95

 Napoleon famously observed that “history is a set of lies agreed upon”.  Renowned Lincoln assassination expert Edward Steers Jr. investigates six of the most amazing frauds ever to gain wide acceptance:   the Shroud of Turin; the Piltdown Man;  two remarkable forgeries, the Hitler diaries and the “Oath of a Freeman,”; and conspiracy theories alleging that  Roosevelt had prior knowledge of the attack on Pearl Harbor, and that the true account of Lincoln’s assassination are revealed in the missing pages from John Wilkes Booth’s journal.  Steers demonstrates that there are two major factors involved in the success of a hoax or forgery—greed and the desire to believe --- and shows that the success of these frauds, even if scientifically debunked, highlights a disturbing fact: If true history fails to entertain the public, it is likely to be ignored or forgotten. 

Signed bookplate; as new; d.j.

    Thomas, Dale.  LINCOLN’S OLD FRIENDS OF MENARD COUNTY, ILLINOIS.  Charleston:  (2012).  1st ed., 158p., ft.(map), illus. 

Price: $14.99

 At age 22, Abraham Lincoln arrived in New Salem a “strange, friendless, uneducated, penniless boy”.  Meet the community that befriended him:  Bennett &  Elizabeth Abell, the couple who guided him through heartache;  Mentor Graham, the schoolmaster who taught him; Bowling Green, the jolly justice who allowed Lincoln to practice law before his court; and Mary Owen.  Thomas makes use of sources overlooked by historians to flesh out the important story of Lincoln’s formative years. 

Pb.; signed plate; as new.    

  Trostel, Scott D.  THE LINCOLN INAUGURAL TRAIN:  THE 1861 JOURNEY OF PRESIDENT-ELECT ABRAHAM LICNOLN TO WASHINGTON D.C.  (Fletcher, OH:  2011).  1st ed., 190p., illus., maps. 

Price: $34.95

The revealing story of President-elect Abraham Lincoln’s 13 day journey from Springfield to Washington in February, 1861.  Each chapter, laced with photos, maps and illustrations , covers one day of the journey, reception and proceedings at each of the eleven planned stops along the way:  Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Buffalo, Albany, New York City, Trenton, Philadelphia, and Harrisburg.  A 12th stop, at Baltimore, was canceled to avoid an assassination attempt, the last of three enroute.  A new, abundantly illustrated telling of Lincoln’s “Journey to Greatness”. 

Pb.; signed; as new.   

  Wesley, Timothy L.  THE POLITICS OF FAITH DURING THE CIVIL WAR.  Baton Rouge:  (2013).  1st ed., 320p.   

Price: $45.00

The generation that fought the Civil War lived in arguably the most sacrilegized culture in the history of the United States. The participation of church members in the public arena meant that ministers both North and South wielded great authority.   Timothy L. Wesley outlines the scope of that influence and considers, conversely, the feared outcomes of its abuse. By treating ministers as both individual men of conscience and leaders of religious communities, he reveals that the reticence of otherwise loyal ministers to bring politics into the pulpit often grew not out of partisan concerns but out of doctrinal, historical, and local factors, while showing how and why the Civil War stands as the nation’s first concerted campaign to check the ministry’s freedom of religious expression. 

Signed bookplate; as new; d.j.       


Price: $27.95

Since its debut on November 6, 2010, “Disunion”, The New York Times’ acclaimed journal about the Civil War, has published hundreds of original articles and won multiple awards, including “Best History Website”.  Following the chronology of the secession crisis and the Civil War, the contributors to “Disunion” offer ongoing daily commentary and assessment of the Civil War as it unfolded.  Now these fascinating and historically significant pieces have been gathered together in one volume.  Widmer has selected more than 100 articles that cover events beginning with Lincoln’s presidential victory through the Emancipation Proclamation. Contributors include William Freehling, Adam Goodheart, Edward Ayers, and many others.  Supplemented by contemporary illustrations and detailed maps, the book also contains new essays  not published on the “Disunion” site by such historians as David Blight, Gary Gallagher, and Drew Gilpin Faust. 

Signed bookplate by contributor of our choice; as new; d.j.

  Wittenberg, Eric J. & Petruzzi, J. David. PLENTY OF BLAME TO GO AROUND: JEB STUART'S CONTROVERSIAL RIDE TO GETTYSBURG. NY: Savas Beatie, 2006. 1st edition, illustrated, maps.

Price: $32.95

June 1863. The Gettysburg Campaign is in its opening hours. Harness jingles and hoofs pound as Confederate cavalryman James Ewell Brown (JEB) Stuart leads his three brigades of veteran troopers on a ride that triggers one of the Civil War's most bitter and enduring controversies. Instead of finding glory and victory—two objectives with which he was intimately familiar—Stuart reaped stinging criticism and substantial blame for one of the Confederacy's most stunning and unexpected battlefield defeats. In Plenty of Blame to Go Around: Jeb Stuart's Controversial Ride to Gettysburg, Eric J. Wittenberg and J. David Petruzzi objectively investigate the role Stuart's horsemen played in the disastrous campaign. It is the most comprehensive and thoughtful book ever written on this important and endlessly fascinating subject.

As new; dust jacket. Signed by Eric Wittenberg.

  Young, Alfred C., III.  LEE’S ARMY DURING THE OVERLAND CAMPAIGN:  A NUMERICAL STUDY.  Baton Rouge: (2013).  1st ed., 428p., maps. 

Price: $39.95

Alfred C. Young III provides for the first time accurate information regarding the Confederate side throughout the initial confrontation between Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee. While the strength and casualties in Grant’s army remain uncontested, historians know much less about Lee’s army because of poor record keeping by the Confederates as well as an inordinate number of missing or lost battle reports. Significant doubts persist about the army’s capability at the commencement of the drive, the amount of reinforcements received, and the total of casualties sustained during the entire campaign and at each battle.   Many Civil War scholars contend that the campaign was a clear numerical victory for Lee but a tactical triumph for Grant. Young’s decade of research, however, contests that notion with new statistical data, and challenges common assumptions about the Overland Campaign, showing clearly that Lee’s army stood far larger in strength and size and suffered much higher casualties than previously believed. 

Signed plate; as new; d.j.


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Other Interesting Gift Items Can Be Found on the LincolnPix Page.

A McElfresh Map is like a chapter in American history spread out on one page. Open it and you are hooked. The large, colorful maps are filled with gripping details of history. It's not a story written down, but a vivid paper graphic. The particulars are there for you to explore.

McElfresh Map's vivid display of contemporaneous detail and exhaustive research have made McElfresh maps the guide of choice for the Smithsonian in its Civil War seminars and tours, as well as research tools and illustrations for the nations most acclaimed Civil War authors and historians. These maps are in the collections of libraries from Harvard University to Stanford, and from the Library of Congress (where McElfresh maps hang on the walls of the map reading room) to the Map Library of the British Museum.

"A splendid job..."
Shelby Foote, Author of The Civil War-A Narrative

"Your maps are wonderful, an essential aid to touring these battlefields."
James M. McPherson, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Battle Cry of Freedom

"... Amazingly accurate and a work of art..."
Edwin C. Bearss, Former Chief Historian of the National Park Service

Abraham Lincoln's America -
Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky
Antietam Battlefield
Cedar Mountain Battlefield
Chancellorsville - Includes Fredericksburg &
Salem Church
Cold Harbor
Gettysburg (Box Set, 2 maps)
Little Big Horn Battlefield
Out of Stock

(Custer, George A.) Warsaw, Jerry. 8 1/2 x 11 inch full color print

Price: $25.00

Jerry Warsaw thought Custer a fascinating and colorful character. This print depicts that.

Custer in center, with sheet music for Garry Owen adorns the left, and Fort Abraham Lincoln on the right.

As new, signed by Jerry. Ready to frame.


**Available for the FIRST time on CD**
  (Clay, Cassius Marcellus) The Lion of White Hall Cassius Clay
William H. Townsend Address to the Civil War Round Table, October 17, 1952
[2 CD set] Chicago, 2005. 80 minutes (appx)

Price: $29.95

Digital Format: $22.95

Available for the first time on CD, Townsend's knowledge and "feel" for Clay are brought to life once again. For a sample of this important lecture, click here.

William H. Townsend (1890-1964) was an author, lawyer, Lincoln scholar, speaker, and lifelong president of the Kentucky Civil War Round Table. A lifetime defender of the downtrodden, Townsend always had a clear idea of right and wrong, and would staunchly defend his position, even in the face of extreme opposition. He could also spin a rich tale, and often said that he would "never let the truth get in the way of a good story."

One of Townsend's greatest joys was speaking about Kentucky legend Cassius Marcellus Clay (1810-1903). A fiery mix of brains, temper and nerve, Clay was born into a slave-owning family and spent his lifetime opposing slavery and working for its end. Clay was also a lawyer, duelist, publisher, and a Lincoln appointee as ambassador to Russia. Highly skilled with a knife, Clay's famous pearl-handled Bowie knife was still with him, under his pillow, even as he exhaled his last breath.

Here is Townsend's famous address on Clay before a meeting of the Civil War Round Table in Chicago during the fall of 1952. Recorded without his prior knowledge, this lecture has been widely acclaimed for its droll humor, satire, and historical value. This has been called one of the greatest addresses of the 20th century.

  McPherson, James M.
Hallowed Ground, A Walk at Gettysburg.
New York, 2003.
Price: $19.95
The country's most distinguished Civil War historian, a Pulitzer Prize winner (for Battle Cry of Freedom) and professor at Princeton, offers this compact and incisive study of the Battle of Gettysburg. In narrating "the largest battle ever fought in the Western Hemisphere," McPherson walks readers over its presently hallowed ground, with monuments numbering into the hundreds, many of which work to structure the narrative.
CD-Roms are great interactive tools for learning about the Civil War!
Please read the computer requirements for the products below.

  The Civil War CD-ROM
[CD-ROM] Carmel, IN: 1997.
Price: $69.95
Not just a transfer of book pages; but formatted and database structured for seamless computer access. Search engines search explicitly for signers and addressees of reports and report dates, and all index volume corrections and additions have been applied into the text. The maps are zoomable and printable to gray-scale. Also included on this single disc are: Regimental Losses in the Civil War, A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion, the Guide to the Official Records and More.

As new.

  The Civil War CD-ROM II:
[CD-ROM] Carmel, IN: 1999.
Price: $69.95
A most comprehensive research tool covering Naval operations on both sides. Some of the subjects included in this fully text searchable publication are: Operations in the Gulf of Mexico, on the Atlantic Coast, and on the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers. Also covered is blockading along the North and South Atlantic and along the West Gulf, Naval Forces in Western Waters, statistical data on Union and Confederate ships and Naval Department Correspondence.

A great companion to the Official Records. As new.

For Windows Only, not Macintosh compatible.

  Confederate Military History.
CD-ROM] Carmel, IN: 1997.
Price: $39.95
One of the most important reference works on the Confederacy (Eicher #690), and originally published in 12 volumes, this gold mine of information is now available on CD-ROM.

Each volume was written by a Southern notable, and treats each subject as a separate state, also includes the Confederate Navy, and additional information on the Confederacy. As new.

  The Southern Historical Society Papers.
[CD-ROM] Carmel, IN: 1998.
Price: $69.95
This CD-ROM is the fully searchable equivalent of the 52-volume SOUTHERN HISTORICAL SOCIETY PAPERS, containing over 20,000 pages detailing Confederate life--military and civilians well as some aspects of the post-War period. Published between 1876 and 1959, the SHSP is, next to the OR, the most important printed source on the Confederacy and is an essential resource for any Civil War researcher. As new.

By Paul M. Angle
Price: $35.00
When Abraham Lincoln left Springfield, IL to assume the presidency, he spoke a few words of farewell to the people among whom he has lived for a quarter of a century. "To this place, and the kindness of these people," he stated, "I owe everything." Here I Have Lived, which takes its title from another phrase in the same brief address, is a careful--but never dull--account of the community in which Lincoln rose from relative obscurity to the Presidency. It makes available the full background of his life during these eventful years, as well as a much important material relating to him directly.

More than a major contribution to Lincolniana, it is also a study of the founding growth of a typical America community. Students of American life as well as student of Lincoln cannot afford to miss this classic.

This cloth edition, including dust jacket was published in 1971, this book includes 314 pages, illustrations, source notes and an index. Also features endpapers with a period map of Springfield.

"The vignette presented by Paul Angle goes a long was toward giving an appreciation of the whole picture. And few historical studies are so readable and entertaining."--Roy P. Basler.

By George S. Bryan
Price: $45.00 (cloth)
$30.00 (paperback)
This fine book remains the classic interpretation of the assassination as a simple conspiracy and is certainly a basic and complete look at the events leading up to and following Lincoln's assassination.

Added to this reprint is a special introduction by historian and Lincoln Assassination expert Professor William Hanchett. Dr. Hanchett assesses Bryan's book in the historical context of Lincoln murder research. This book withstands the rigorous standards that cast doubts on other works. A "must-read" for the serious Lincoln assassination student as well as anyone with a curiosity about this event that so shaped our country. (436 p., illus., index)

"Fifty years old at the time of it's reprinting, George S. Bryan's The Great American Myth may be about to begin the most useful period of it's life." -From the Introduction by William Hanchett.

by John P. Frank
Price: $40.00 (cloth)
$20.00 (paperback)
A penetrating analysis of Lincoln's law background and legal practice. David Donald, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian, says "This book casts more light on Lincoln's law practice and tells us more about the kind of lawyer Lincoln was than anything else I have ever seen." (208p., index, frontis)

"Scarcely the first author to produce a study of Lincoln the lawyer, Frank remains the best. He alone brought both the experience of a Lincoln practitioner and the perspective of a legal scholar... Judicious and rigorous throughout, it has survived the test of time.

"Frank reviews the qualities that made Lincoln a successful attorney and examines the quality of his legal techniques. This book's most original contribution is its dissections of how legal training and experience influenced Lincoln's public life." -From the Introduction by Cullom Davis.

by Fred Kerner
Price: $24.95 (paperback edition)
It is the quintessential Abraham Lincoln quotation book. An indispensable volume for any lover of Lincoln at his eloquent best. Lincoln scholars and Lincoln students alike will find this a great addition to their library. Organized alphabetically, this edition has a new introduction by noted Lincoln scholar Harold Holzer and a new preface by the author. (320p., index)

"This remarkably well-selected, collection of Lincoln's public statements, private sentiments and bon mots allows Lincoln to speak to us more eloquently than his interpreters. Lincoln's most memorable quotations are cogently assembled, carefully indexed and consistently accessible. It is purely enjoyable."--From the Introduction by Harold Holzer

"Outstanding Reference Book of the Year."-- the American Library Association, commenting on the first edition

by Francis McKinney
Price: $27.95 (paperback edition)
The first extensive biography of George Henry Thomas with a history of the Army of the Cumberland. This staple on American Military History is an essential addition to your stock.

Available for the first time in paperback, this reprint contains a large map detailing the theater of operations of the Army of the Cumberland.

"At the heart of the book is McKinney's analysis of Thomas' leadership of the Army of the Cumberland, a role the author believes he was long preparing. Each phase of McKinney is correct in describing the Army of the Cumberland as an army of many talents. Many modern talents that is."-From the Introduction by John S. Peterson.

Of this work, The Courier's Blake Magner, says, "McKinney has done exhaustive research, it is excellent."


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